Top 13 Reasons
Top 13 Reasons Why Using CRM-Express is the Sensible Choice for Your Business

There are literally hundreds of CRM products out there. Each one claiming to do the best for your company. But are they really? Can they really supply what is best for your company at an affordable price?

Do they give you the best solution for your business? As an example, look at doctors practices all over the world. They are mostly small, consisting of 1 to 5 doctors (usually less than 20). Do these practices really have to move their data onto the internet, away from their premises where it is secure, into the hands of strangers? And what benefit do they get from that as each doctor spends most of his time in his office or somewhere on the premises anyway? Does it not make sense to keep the data where it should be kept, inside the practice and on the odd occasion that the doctor needs to, be able to put the data on a flash drive and use it on a laptop or on a computer at home?  You can also now share your data on the internet using Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive.

That is why CRM-Express was created give total flexibility for your business at a price anyone can afford.

If you prefer an online CRM
Click here to find out the top 10 reasons why you should be using CRM-Express Live...our internet version.


Below is the top thirteen reasons we believe you should use CRM-Express for network and single users for your business.


1. Economics. CRM-Express Professional is the most economical CRM solution for any small business. A single license is only $95 once-off - No monthly fees. You can have a multi-user system by buying 5 licenses costing you a whopping $190 ($38 per user). You can add on users at $95 each or add another 5 at $190.

2. Scalability. You can have from 1 user to as many as you need. Just install on a new computer, tell the program where the data is and you are up and running.

3. System of Record. Your CRM-Express system is your system of record. Doesn’t it make sense to have a single system to handle all of your requirements like keeping record of customers, getting reminders for specific events, emailing or SMS texting customers and keeping track of these against every customer, sending out campaigns and tracking it, invoicing and managing documents?

4. Security. Your CRM-Express data is kept on your premises by you, not in some cloud in-the sky. You can access it whenever you want as a single-user or network user, over a wireless lan or from a flash drive. You can however share the data using Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive if you need access from the internet.

5. Why pay twice? When you buy CRM-Express, you get the complete package for life. You do not have to pay per user each month over and over again. What happens if your business hits a bad spot and you cannot afford the monthly payments to an internet option? Yes, your access is cut off and you cannot access your customer data, cannot take orders, make invoices, contact customers...

6. Portable. If you need to, CRM-Express can create your database on portable media like a flash drive. You can then access it at home from the flash drive or even at a client on your laptop using Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive.

7. Easy to backup. You can place your data on your network server where you can use a backup program to backup once per day or whatever suits you. All you need for the backup is to copy the directory and sub-directories containing the database and you can immediately use it on any computer where CRM-Express is installed

8. Keep your data synchronized. By using a network and working from one database, all data is kept synchronized.

9. Easy upgrading. To upgrade is easy. Just download the new version, uninstall the previous version by running Control Panel Uninstall, run setup.exe to re-install and select OK to upgrade.

10. Ease of use. CRM-Express is very easy to use. There are also help available by pressing F1 at any stage in the program, or from our web site.

11. Redundancy. If your Server hard disk or computer malfunctions, any other of the computers on the network can be used as the server. There are no special requirements for the server. Just copy the backup data directory to the computer you want to be the server, share the directory on the network  and on each computer, link CRM-Express to the new data.

12. Connect to the internet only when you need to. CRM-Express can get and receive email, send SMS text messages, run campaigns and handle campaign feedback over the internet. We just believe you should be connected when you want to and need to...not because somebody told you that you have to put all your sensitive data in somebody else's hands. You can share data using Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive.

13. Lowest total cost of ownership. If you have data in CRM-Express, you can use that same data just like that without having to upload it to a server, to run an email campaign by using your current email server . Yes, it will cost you nothing extra to run any number of campaigns any number of times. You can also run SMS text campaigns by only paying for the SMS text message.

And that basically wraps it up. The top 13 reasons why CRM-Professional should be your small business program of choice

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