CRM-Express Ultimate - New features
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Control your business from your PC

Did you ever want a fully-fledged CRM program with all the goodies but needed that extra oomph that does not come in CRM programs?


Well, now you can get it. CRM-Express Ultimate comes with all the features of CRM-Express Professional plus a lot more.


You get the familiar Ribbon interface with Address book, Opportunities, Email, Calendar, Tasks, Order Desk, Journal, Reports, News Feeds, Company Library and Meeting Planner.


Obviously they are all multi-user, shareable and team-enabled.


With CRM-Express Ultimate there is even more...


Import sales and auto-create contacts, products and invoices straight from your email

Selling through Amazon, PayPal, ShareIt! or whatever using the internet?


CRM-Express Ultimate can recognize major email reseller formats and import the sales directly into the program using the email your receive from them.


The sales as well as the customer details are parsed and new contacts, products, orders and invoice entries are created automatically.

Add your reseller to the list using the editor.

CRM-Express Ultimate has a very powerful built-in Editor which allows you to add your reseller so that you can support any reseller


Just load your email into the editor and train the program to recognize your payment processor.


You can also change the parsing for any reseller.

Send an Auto-reply using a template after receiving the order

Just add another action to the email rule to auto-reply.

Adding the new contact to a subscriber list?


Just add a subscribe action to the rule.

Unsubscribe a user automatically if a unsubscribe email is received

Yes, it is done with and unsubscribe rule.

Import leads from emails received from your web-to-lead forms

Create a rule for that.

Create a web-to-lead form

Use the wizard in CRM-Express Ultimate to create a web-to-lead form which allows you to import leads directory from your web site.

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