Compare the different desktop and network editions of CRM-Express
CRM-Express Desktop/Network is available in 4 paid editions: Enterprise, Professional, eSales and Standard
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All programs now also work on Windows 8 and Windows 10

Ultimate, Professional and eSales can sync over the internet using Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive

Product CRM-Express
Installed on your servers/computers
Edition  Ultimate  Professional  eSales  Standard
CRM Type Multi-user and/or Single-user Multi-user and/or Single-user Single-user Single-user
Ribbon interface
Multiple Themes
Works on a single computer
Works over network    
Access via Program/Network Program/Network Program Program
Access device Computer Computer Computer Computer
Minimum # of users 1 1 1 1
Installed on Your computer or your network Your computer or your network Your computer Your computer

How many licenses do I need to purchase?

For each household, you need to purchase only 1 license, no matter how many computers they are installed on.

Business users should purchase 1 license per user. Business users can install it on up to 3 devices per business user.

Maximum # of users As many as licensed As many as licensed 1 1
Number of contacts Not limited Not limited Not limited Not limited
Number of address books Not limited Not limited Not limited 1
Number of Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Statements Not limited Not limited Not limited N/A
Number of simultaneous users per address book Not limited Not limited Not limited 1
Number of simultaneous calendars 16 16 16 1
Address book
Custom Fields    
News Feeds  
Order Desk    
Meeting Planner  
Form Designer    
SMS Ability  
Product Catalog    
Invoicing Capability    
Multi Currency Support    
Statement Capability    
Import / Export
Address book view customization
Multiple address book views
Email Invoice as pdf    
Company Library
Purchase Orders    
Parse Orders to database      
Manage Email lists  
Auto-subscribe/Unsubscribe to lists  
Email Support from CRM-Express for CRM
Ability to protect address book with username and password  
CRM Multi-user logins  
Helpdesk Access to questions and answers
Synchronize on network with laptops and other computers    
Number of email accounts Not limited Not limited Not limited 1
Print Labels
Print Envelopes
Print Business Cards      
Print barcodes      
Web-to-lead form Generator      
Payment Processor Editor      
Payment Processor Message Rules      
Parse online-sales messages      
Import Sales      
Email auto-reply      
Email parse web to lead      
Email multi-threading
Email lists Not limited 10 5 5
Email threads 10 2 1 1
Email Campaigns
  • We reserve the right to add/remove features from CRM-Express as we see fit

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