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Tutorial 8 - Creating and emailing pdf invoice

In this lesson we will create our first invoice, generate a pdf invoice and email it to the customer.

Select New Invoice from the Main Window


From the next dialog, select the customer you want to make an invoice for and click on OK


From the Next Dialog Click on Insert from List

On the Next dialog , click an any item to insert it into the Invoice.

Tip:  First click on all the items you want to add before pressing Exit


You can then make further changes to the invoice as follows:

1. Change the description here
2. Change the quantity here
3. Change the Unit price her
4. Change the discount here.
5. Change the shipping here

You can delete an item by click on the item and then on the Delete button.
To insert an item, click on the Insert item button


You can also change the Billing and Shipping Addresses. Do do that, click on Adresses for the following dialog.

Click on the Copy  to 'Ship to' and the Copy to 'Bill to'  to copy the Bill to or Ship to addresses or enter the fields.

You can also press the Options button on the Invoice screen to enter the following information


There is also a Taxes field which allows you to enter taxes applicable to the invoice.

Finally we now have an invoice.

To save the Invoice to print later, click on Save and Exit

To save as a pdf and email it, click on the Email as PDF button

To just print it, click on the Print button.