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Tutorial 4 - Adding user defined fields to the address book
In this lesson we will add some user-defined fields to the address book.

User-defined fields can have one of 4 types namely:
     Date - Can store and display dates
     Image - Can store and display images
     List - Can store and display lists
     Memo - Can store and display any length of characters

Note: To add user-defined fields you must be an administrator
1. From the File Menu, click on Administrator and then on the Setup Custom Fields tab.


Note: Please note that 3 above will be named "Setup User Defined Fields" from version 2010.1.5

2. The Setup User Defined Fields dialog will now display
     click on the New button 1 below to add a new User Defined Field

The User defined field dialog will display

Type in 2 a group name (e.g. Wedding Costs), select 3 a field name (e.g. Payment to Priest),  4 select Memo from the dropdown box and click on 5 OK

Tip: It is a good idea to group field by placing e.g. an a. in front of the group name because the fields that are displayed are sorted alphabetically

3. Repeat steps 1 to 5 and add fields for the bride and address and even a picture of the groom and bride.

To add a dropdown list, select List as a option in the dropdown box.

When finished, click on the Close button

Note: All fields will automatically be added to every new contact you create


on the Global Options menu. If you deselect the option then you have to manually select fields you want to add.

4. After adding the fields and populating them with data the following is displayed