Uninstalling a previous version

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Uninstalling an earlier version


If you have a previous version of CRM-Express installed you have to uninstall it as described below:

Close all other programs before installing CRM-Express and make sure that you are logged in as Administrator or a member of the Administrators group if you are installing it on a Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/2008/8 system.


If you have created email or other templates and want to preserve them - (From 2009.3.1 no longer necessary)

Using Windows Explorer, make a backup of the directory  (and all directories beneath) which contain the templates usually C:\Program Files\CRM-Express\Editor.

After installation, copy this directory from the backup to its initial position.


Installation steps

1. Make a backup of your templates as described above (if necessary)

2. Run Add/Remove program from Control Panel and remove CRM-Express

3. Using Windows Explorer, check that the directory and all the files in it are removed under C:\Program Files\CRM-Express

4. Install the new CRM-Express from the setup.exe

5. Copy the backup from step 1 back

6. Run CRM-Express and click on OK to upgrade your database.

Note: CRM-Express stores the address books by default in the

My Documents\CRM-Express\AddrBooks folder.

When removing the program with Control Panel in (2) above the installation program does not delete these address books which allows the new version to upgrade it.