Tutorials - Sample photography business

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Tutorials - Sample photography business


CRM-Express can be setup for almost any type of business because of the way it is structured.

In this tutorial we are going to setup a Photography Business.  One of the sections of photography is weddings and we are going to focus on that. It is just as easy to add any other section to the address book.

The requirements of the business are:

1.On the main address page for a customer in the case of a wedding, details like the bride's and groom's information (addresses, contact information, wedding date). Other information like invoices, payments etc.

2. Set up products, photo packages for invoicing. We need to be able to change pricing on the fly and not to affect original product price. Need to be able to add additional items on the fly.

3. Be able to print invoices or create and email pdf invoices to customers.

4. When receiving email correspondence, be able to allocate that to the specific customer

So, the question is...How do we do that...Here are the tutorials to show you how.

Tutorial 1 - Creating the address book

Tutorial 2 - Setting up the address book options

Tutorial 3 - Adding contacts to the address book

Tutorial 4 - Adding user defined fields to the address book

Tutorial 5 - Creating and adding products

Tutorial 5 - Creating and adding products - continued

Tutorial 6 - Setup Email for invoicing

Tutorial 7 - Setting up invoice layout

Tutorial 8 - Creating and emailing pdf invoice

Tutorial 9 - Receiving and allocating payments

Tutorial 10 - Adding custom fields to the address book

Tutorial 11 - Printing statements

Tutorial 12 - Invoicing serialized items

Tutorial 13 - Dialing Skype by using CRM-Express