Tutorial 13 - Dialing Skype by using CRM-Express

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Tutorial 13 - Dialing Skype by using CRM-Express


CRM-Express can be used as an easy platform to dial your contacts using Skype.

To use skype, you will need a headset,a microphone and an internet connection

To setup Skype, do the following

1. Download and install Skype from http://www.skype.com

2. Follow the instructions on the Skype website to setup Skype

3. Create a skype account and make sure skype works with their program

CRM-Express will detect that skype is installed.

1. On the Address book tab, select the contact you want to dial.

2. Make sure the number to dial is in the correct skype format and click the skype button.

Tip. You can click on the button and skype will tell you if the number is in the correct format and the format to use