The cycle of quote-order-invoice

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The cycle of quote-order-invoice



CRM-Express allows you to change the status of a quote, order or invoice.

The status can be changed at any time and even be changed back to the previous status. In order to do that, a quote, order and invoice is seen as a single entity which can only have a single status at a time.

Only a single status is visible at any time


A customer asks for a quote. The quote is given by using CRM-Express. If a report is viewed at this stage only the quote will show up in the report.

After the quote is given, the customer accepts the quote and the status is changed to order. If you view the report at this stage, the quote is no longer shown, in its place the order is now shown.

When invoicing the status is again changed to Invoice. Viewing a report now shows only the invoice.

Note that the quote, order and invoice has the same number but they can have different dates.

Using this method it is easy to link a quote,order and invoice together because the number is the same.