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CRM-Express features a comprehensive task management systems. Tasks are available in all editions of CRM-Express, however they are more limited in the Standard and eSales editions because only 1 user is allowed.

Features of CRM-Express Task Management

The following features are available in CRM-Express Task Management

     Any number of tasks can be created

     Tasks can be assigned to any of the created CRM-Express users.

     Tasks can be passed on from one user to the next as one user finishes his/her part of the task.

     As soon as a task is passed on from one user to the next, it is automatically displayed in the next user's task window as well ad in all administrator windows.

     When completed, tasks can be assigned back to the administrator and marked as completed.

     At any stage the administrator can see who is busy on which task and can re-assign the task to another user if the user is too busy

     A user that has a task assigned to him/her just has to change the user to assign it to the next user.

     Once a task is assigned to a new user, it is automatically removed from the user's  task panel and shown on the next user's task panel.

     Users can add comments to the task as it moves from one user to the next.