Setting up Syncronization

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Setting up Syncronization


CRM-Express can synchronize between 1 or more computers running CRM-Express.

The basic requirements are...

a. CRM-Express must be installed on both computers and a address book created on each.

To set up a address book on a database you can see Tutorial 1 - Creating the address book

b. The computers must be connected via a network (TCPIP connection)

You can ask your network people to set it up for you

c. The directories containing the databases must be shared on the network

You can do this by browsing to the directory using Windows Explorer, then right-click on the directory and select Sharing You then can follow the prompts from there. Please note

the directories should be shared with Full Control

You can then setup the computers to synchronize

Example: The following example sets up 2 databases (Sample1 and Sample2) to synchronize. Note that these 2 databases were created earlier. In this case we used 2 local databases but

the normal way is for a local and networked database.

Login to the 1st database

1. Select the database Sample1

2. Click on the Open button to open it.

3. Login in the usual way.

Note: You must be an administrator to be able to do the synchronize setup


When you are logged in...

4. Click on File and then on

5. Synchronize Setup


Once the Synchronization Wizard is shown...

6. Select the Synchronize with tab and browse to the directory which contains the 2nd database and select it.

Note: For a networked database on another computer, simply browse to it. graphic

7. Click on the Synchronize how tab and select the Synchronize Records option.

8. Click on the Finish button at the bottom and your first synchronization has been set up.

9. Repeat this procedure on the other database to set it up.

Note that you can set up synchronization from only 1 side or from both sides. If you only want to synchronize for 1 side, you can leave out option 9 above