Managing Stock Count

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Managing Stock Count


CRM-Express can manage stock.

It has a very simple mechanism for doing this.

You can enter the stock at a specific date which is called the stock take date.


Note that this is the last time the stock was counted. It shows the stock at the specific date..

As you invoice, stock gets deducted. The "# on hand at stocktake" above should still stay the same because it was the count at that day.

Note that the "Last Stock take date" is global.

If you go up a level you will notice the following:


1.  The 5 here is the same as the # on hand in the top window

2. The 3 is the number of items invoiced after the "Last stock take date" which was shown in the top window

3. 2 is the number of items now in stock

If you cancel an invoice or void it or make change to the number of items, it will be reflected in the 2 and 3 above

Important: If you change the "Last stock take date" in the top window to be later than the invoices made out then the bottom window will show:

Reported:5  Invoiced:0  In stock:5

because the program always recalculates before showing the totals

If you change the date back to what it was it will again show the totals like in the top window