Introduction - What is CRM-Express?


CRM-Express is a fully re-entrant multi-user system CRM system.

What does this mean?

  • Re-Entrant: More than one instance of CRM-Express can be run from the same computer linking to the same address book (including calendars, ordering etc). To run more than 1 instance just start CRM-Express again and a new instance will open.
  • Multi-user: Any number of computers can link to a address book (including calendars etc) situated on any other computer on the network.
  • CRM:  CRM stands for Contact Relationship Management which means you can manage your contacts with it.

Requirements for Re-entrant  use

     A Single user licence entitles you to run as many instances on one computer as you want.

Requirements for multi-user use

     A separate license is required for each separate computer.

     The Address book folder must be shared from Explorer with full-control on the network by the first computer.

     All computers linking to the address book must edit their address book entry to point to the shared folder.

CRM-Express is much more

CRM-Express has been developed over years.