Import Shareit! Sales

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Importing Sales information


Sales from ShareIt! can be downloaded and imported into CRM-Express

Downloading Sales

Before sales can be imported, the sales must be downloaded from the ShareIt! site.

The following steps must be taken:

1.   Login to the Shareit Control Panel

2.   Click on Reporting in the share-it! Control Panel.

3.   Click on Export in the share-it! Control Panel

From the Export order data for: form

4.   Set the period you want to export in the From and To options

5.   Make sure the other fields are as follows:

Compression: uncompressed

This field can be set to compressed but you have to unzip the

file after download because CRM-Express cannot read compressed files

Decimal separator: point(".")

Date format: MM/DD/YYYY

Export format: csv (comma delimited)

Export refunds and chargebacks: True (Select this field)

Export license key: True (If you want this)

Click on Download file and save the file where you can easily access it from CRM-Express

Import Sales into CRM-Express