How to Setup CRM-Express for simultaneous users

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How to Setup CRM-Express for simultaneous users


More than one user can connect to the same address book from different computers.

Example: You have 2 users that want to share a address book and calendar. Here's how to do it.

1. Install CRM-Express on both computers

2. On the first computer setup a new Address book by clicking on the Create a new database below.

3. Enter the name test as the new address book name and use the defaults for the other options. Click on OK and a new address book will be created. Make a note of the name of the folder in which the new address book was created. This will be the folder to share on the network. This is normally C:\Program Files\CRM-Express\AddrBooks\test in the case of an installed CRM-Express.

4. Still on the first computer, start Windows Explorer and browse to the folder in (3) above. Right click on the folder and select Sharing and the following dialog will be displayed. Click on the Share this folder and then on OK and the folder is shared on the network.



This concludes the setup on the 1st computer.

To setup the 2nd computer, start CRM-Express on the 2nd computer.

5. Click on the New Link button

6. Enter the name for the address book, it can be any name so I have chosen test on my second computer for the name.

In the folder field type in or browse to the folder on the 1st computer. Press OK and the setup is complete.

You can now use the address book and calendar from both computers