Setting up SMS

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CRM-Express makes use of Clickatell to send and receive SMS messages. You have to register with Clickatell if you want to send SMS messages with CRM-Express.

Registering with Clickatell is free. If you register you will also receive 10 free credits to try out.

To setup CRM-Express to work with Clickatell SMS Messages you have to do the following:

1. Start CRM-Express

2. Select Tools, then Options and the Global Options Dialog will be displayed.

3. Select Clickatell SMS and the following screen will be displayed

This is the dialog which will connect CRM-Express to the Clickatell System. Before entering any information into the dialog, you first have to register with Clickatell.

4 Register with Clickatell

Note that you have to sign up for the Developers Central option to be able to send through CRM-Express

Complete the registration on the Clickatell Registration page and submit the form. Clickatell will then email you your Username and Client ID. Please remember the password you have entered as that will not be mailed to you. They will also send you a SMS message to the mobile phone number you provided containing the code which will activate your account and update it with your 10 free credits.

Please note that 10 credits may not necessarily mean 10 text messages; the number of credits required to send a message depends on where the message is going. For example, a text message to the US or UK requires 1 credit. The cost is set by the service operator of the recipient phone, not by Clickatell or CRM-Express.

5. Log into Clickatell and add a HTTP connection - Clickatell will then send you an application id (api-id).

6. Enter Clickatell details into CRM-Express

Note that the telephone number you enter should be in international format


[Country code] [area code or network code (without first 0) and mobile number, no space, brackets or dashes]

Example: [1] [4155551212] (for USA) or [27] [123457894] (for South Africa)

You have to type it like this: 14155551212  (for USA) or 27123457894  (for South Africa)

Enter the clickatell details you have received from Clickatell and click on Close.

This completes the setup for SMS and you are now ready to send SMS messages.