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The Calendar option can display up to 16 calendars simultaneously by day, work week, week Month, time grid or year.. You can use the menu options and tab options to add new events.

The Calendar is fully multi-user enabled. Any Action (add, edit or delete) is displayed on any number of other CRM-Express calendars on other computers.

To add a new entry, double-click on a day and the Active Contact will be used by default.

To edit an entry, double-click on the entry.

To create a new entry for a specific contact, drag the contact from the list at the right onto the specific day of the calendar.

Features of CRM-Express Calendar Management

The following features are available in CRM-Express Calendar Management

     Any number of calendar events can be created

     Up to 16 calendars can be displayed simultaneously.

     Events can be dragged and dropped from one calendar to another. If other users are logged in and are displaying the calendar, the changes will immediately be displayed on all calendars.

     Only the administrator can change the descriptions of the resource (e.g. Doctor Smith, Doctor James. etc)

     Any user can change how many calendars they are able to view.