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How do I search in CRM-Express?


CRM-Express utilizes filters for searching. This makes searching very powerful and easy to use.

As an example we will use the address book and do a few searches.

To start a search, click on the Search button in the address book.


The filter row will appear.


You will notice that the surname already  contains a star (*)
This is a wildcard indicating that all surnames must be included in the search.
Wildcards are the star(*) and the question mark(?).

As an example in the above if you want to display all contacts with a letter m in the surname, you would type *m* and the following would be displayed


You can use any of the visible columns to edit or add a filter, just by typing in it.

You can also select from the drop-down list by clicking on the dropdown button (1) and then clicking on one or more of the items in the list (2)


You will also notice that at the bottom of the screen the following is now displayed.


if you click on Customize the following screen appears


In this screen we have added a name like Joe (1) and pressed Apply after that.
The result is all contacts containing m in the surname and containing Joe in the name is displayed.

The same principle is carried right through CRM-Express.  You can search like this everywhere you see the Search button.